Hello and welcome to our creative playground

My name is Claudiu Ungureanu, founder of Graphoric. Some call me Chi, some call me Raiz, some call me Tupac. I am a creative designer, passionate about symmetry, colors, shapes, motion and everything that has a seed of creativity attached to it.

Graphoric is a project I started years ago that has morphed from a simple idea to a bigger and more complex concept, with focus on delivering premium digital products for people or companies worldwide.

Graphoric is an independent team of people who are passionate about expression and committed to achieving creative solutions for clients in search of creating or refreshing a brand/product they already own, shaping a new business idea or starting their own personal branding.

With over 20 years of experience in design, communication, and advertising we will surely not expect but exceed your needs.

Team of Creators

We like to praise people who praise what they do.Meet our awesome team of creators.

Claudiu Ungureanu


Victor Ciupitu


Mihai Capsaz


Alex Chiriac


Alex Mitria


Alex Niculae

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